Thursday, October 23, 2008

{raffle day, my men & a shower please}

Oh what a morning! I got up before mr. sunshine today. The Hubby left at 3 o'clock for some good ol' Missouri hunting. Yup. Something like a 12 hour drive I think. He will be gone for a while so it's just me and the little men. Dad gave Bossy Pants a run down of how to "rule the roost" while he is away. pfffff. Like he needs any help in that area. We do call him 'Bossy Pants' for a reason! Welp, after kissing the Hubby and sending him on his way, I could not go back to sleep. I figured I may as well put the raffle up and then get some sleep before the boys woke up.

Three hours later...still working on the raffle! My computer decided to throw a curve ball in my morning and started having techno spazms! Eek! Happy to say however that I am done and hoping for a big time turn out. Check out the Love From the Nest!Being as The Hubby is on vacay for a week plus, I've been making sure I'm stocked up on the following 'boys are in bed' entertainment: chick flicks, musicals and my fave teeny bopper books! Tomorrow when the boys are napping I'm even considering getting all dolled up in my swimsuit and flip flops and headin' out to Bossy Pants' sand box to have a little vacay of my own! Never mind the chilly weather...I NEED A MINI VACAY!

Anywho. I'm feeling like a scrounge-O and think a shower is much in order.

{Lots of love. Ash}

Monday, October 20th 9:23 a.m.