Tuesday, October 7, 2008


After our first "Kisses for Callie" raffle several people contacted me to offer donations for "our next raffle". To be honest I wasn't planning on a second raffle. But we have had so many people asking if they could donate things for one that I have decided to plan another. I am not sure of the date yet but will let you all know when something is set. If you would like to donate any items for this raffle please contact me as soon as possible at ashley.broomall@yahoo.com.
You guys are awesome!


Fullerton Family said...

How cool! I still need to give that money, let me know next time you are in town! (532-8996)


Hahaha, Ashley, I have to laugh about your post "Apple Bottom Jeans". I FINALLY heard the song and didn't realize that was the song you were talking about. That is funny your Mom making up words to that, has she ever heard it??? Too funny and thanks for the code there, I might be able to figure that out.....I don't understand why I didn't get it before??:( Sorry I am a doof!

Anonymous said...