Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today was the awaited evaluation from Callie's Neurological Rehabilitation team. The final consensus...

She will stay!

My Mom said all the therapists had "glowing reports"! One doctor did say that they will begin working on a discharge plan so that when she is ready to go home, it will be a speedy process. But until then they will continue to work with her. She has such an awesome team and this time with them is really a blessing to her recovery. We can't wait to have her home but we know that this is the best thing for her right now.

She has been progressing with her eating, as she is being allowed to try more things. So far she has enjoyed yogurt, applesauce, rice pudding, crackers and juice! Yum Yum! We know she will be thrilled to have that feed tube removed from her nose!

Three cheers for Callie and all her progress! And also for all of you and answered prayers! We are so blessed!

Happy Tuesday to all!