Thursday, November 20, 2008

{i will think again tomorrow}

Oh what a night we had! Around 9:30 last night I put two seemingly healthy boys to bed. I went about my business while they and The Hubby dreamt. Laundry, dishes, toy clean-up, hot shower....I was finally feeling like I was gaining some ground on things. I dozed off to sleep around 11:30 and an hour later was awaken by two crying boy-0's.

The two year old was rescued in the living room and carried to bed next to his daddy.

The four month old was next.

It became apparent upon hoisting the chubster out of bed that he had thrown up. Everywhere. And not the sweet smelling 'spit up' that so frequently garnishes my shoulder. Big person sick throw up. He was covered. I went straight to cleaning him and he just stared at me all the while.

Have I ever mentioned that he is the most mellow baby boy ever? He really is.

So now the four month old is clean, his bed is clean, I get to just enjoy rocking my baby to sleep. I tuck him in my arm {his favorite drowsing position} and begin to rock. And then I hear him gagging and I feel his body heaving. I sit him up quickly and he finishes what he had previously started. What I had thought for sure he could not do anymore of. Throwing up. Everywhere.

The Hubby was summoned and the four month old was cleaned up once again. This time he was finished and he quickly dozed off into a peaceful sleep.

Back in the room the two year old had found his cars and was playing on the bed while his daddy watched with sleep deprived eyes. I washed my hands, dabbed my night gown and helped the two year old wish his cars a good night's sleep. The lights went off and the two year old twisted and pulled at covers finding that perfect place to doze off.

Feeling a little dose of 2 a.m. humor {the kind that isn't so funny in the morning} I asked the two year old, "Now you aren't going to throw up are you?"

No sooner had the words left my mouth than the heaving began. Up came the two year old, and up came his dinner. Everywhere. The sheets were covered. The two year old was in tears. The Hubby was comforting and I was already in the bathroom, warm water running.

One unhappy bath and new set of sheets later we were nestling again, trying to find that perfect place.

It didn't take long for sleep to creep up on the two year old. And from the sound of the purring monitor, the four month old would sleep til morning. Well, later morning.

I scooped the two year old up and carried him to his bed. {What a mean trick after he had worked so hard to get comfy.} I kissed him, whispered good night and then made my way next door to offer the same to the four month old.

Finally in bed. The Hubby was breathing heavy, he was asleep. I lay there wondering What could have caused this? Where have we been? What have we eaten?

I tried to muddle through the past few days in my mind. The need for sleep was feeling very powerful. Suddenly we had been to places we have never been before, with people I have only dreamt of meeting. Dreamt. That was the key, I must be dreaming. I tried to force myself back into reality, pulling on all that I could to wake myself up. It was useless. I was in a new place again. It was warm and peaceful and I knew I had lost.

I will think again tomorrow. And that was that.


Nathan and Toni Southam said...

K, that is not a good way to convince me to have another child! haha. You poor thing. I hope your little guys are feeling better. I really want to make a trip down there someday and meet the new little monkey! Love ya!

LORI said...


Colbi and Jeff said...

Oh :( hope your boys feel better soon! Thanks for the comment - yes its been forever since I've seen you too. And you have TWO kiddos! Love it. They are so cute :)

Chitown Meg said...


Matt n Jessica said...

I love reading your posts, you write so whimsically! Hope the boys are feeling better, I know how that goes and now have 4 to contend with lol!

Mary said...

What a coincidence. We let Dylan's friend spend the night last night and at 6:30 this morning he was throwing up on my bathroom floor while we were getting ready for school. What a way to start the day!


Oh, poor babies....and Mommy and Daddy. We got our flu shots today and hopefully avoid that:)! Hope your night is restfull!

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