Wednesday, November 19, 2008

{things that go vroom & colorful too}

Yes I am still questing for a homemade Christmas. Mostly.
Here is one of Bossy Pants' stocking stuffers. I totally got the idea from Lil B Designs but switched it up a little. While crayons are a lifesaver at restaurants, there is one other little something that can turn almost any catastrophic evening into a thing of beauty and that is CARS! So crayons on one side, cars on the other....WE ARE GOOD TO GO FOLKS!

Lately I have felt like a crazy person with all my different projects going. Have I yet to actually complete a project? Well I think so. Oh yes, a few. A tiny little dent. I think a crafting day is in order. Maybe that will be the day after I get my house looking spotless. My poor house is wondering if such a day lies ahead. Oh I hope so!


Erin said...

this is soo cute and a neat idea! also your stuff was sent and I am so sorry that i forgot to tell you. i do have to pick up the stuff from blossoms so i havent sent that yet. um your hair and tanning info. here is the number you can call and just ask for Robyn. and I already told her your name and everything so you will be good to go. thanks again for all your help and advice.

this is the number
(928) 532-1316

AndreaLeigh said...

I hear you own the project. My living room is a wreck, and there are 3 half-finished projects going on. Love it! How creative!


Awww, so cute....AGAIN;). The cars would be perfect for my boys too!

Kathleen said...

What a great idea! Love it. And I desperately need an all day crafting idea too!

Chris Bliss said...

I am trying for a homemade Christmas this year too.... and I am having such a hard time! I never finish my projects... :/

Love the crayon idea. Its adorable.

I have a few other ideas too that I have found. I'll have to send them your way.


Mamarazzi said...


Tiffany said...

How cool! You should go to and for some other awsome home made gifts for the whole family. Have you tryed a chalk mat? They make fabric that you can write on like a chalk board. It rolls up just like the crayon roll you made. I have one for my daughter.

Anonymous said...