Monday, November 24, 2008

{we bleed orange...and purple...and sometimes green or red}

You would probably think that The Hubby and I ALWAYS agree on everything right? That we are like two peas in a pod, we finish each others sentences, I like what he likes and likewise.

Ha Ha Ha. Can you imagine?

When it comes to High School sports teams, I bleed Green and Gold while The Hubby is shamelessly bleeding Red and Black. I'm a thoroughbred Cougar and he is a mutt of a Mustang. :) love you hubs! You see, really it is nothing personal against either of these fine institutions. Rather, it is in both our natures to be ridiculously and utterly shameful competitors.

Thus the local football season brings about unruly arguments, which generally enter the realms of absurdity in nothing flat. Making our happy nest, not so entirely Happy.

So as this season draws to a close {in which my Cougars have left me with a pout and The Hubby's "Champions" have left him grinning and gloating...} I say THANK YOU PHOENIX SUNS! You have restored happy, healthy, co-supportive competition to our marriage. Even our Bossy Pants is with us on this one!

We can proudly don our matching jerseys and shout insults in unison to opposing teams. The love is back and in full swing!

Just don't break our hearts again this year please.

November 22nd

Phoenix Suns 102 Portland Trailblazers 92


Eric and Addie said...

ok i was laughing at this one. sports is either a good thing or a bad thing at our house as well. eric is a mustang too and you know i am a cougar so we butt heads there for sure. for some reason he thinks he can say whatever about the cougars and those darn mustangs are always number one. boys are silly! i guess we are too for getting caught up in it. cute post.

mrs_jpyatt said...

Ok I must say
I for sure have a soft spot for that team! Josh was a Cougar too! lol! But as for other teams he has slowly won me over!

Kacie said...

How fun. We love the suns here. I am so mad right now cause I thought the auction got over on saturday. dang it. I really wanted that!

Anonymous said...

Haha...just remind each other that the Mustangs are 1A and Cougars are 3A so there is no real need for a rivalary! LOL...Ronnie and I butt heads when it comes to basketball. He's a Rockets fan *must be a Texas thing* and I'm a HUGE Sun's fan! While we all have Sun's jersey's his heart is usually with the Rockets. It was great a few years ago when we went to watch the Suns vs. the Rockets and the SUNS killed em! LOL...he was mad..I left happy! :)

{Ashley B} said...

yes Kathi you're right. that's what makes it even more pathetic. they aren't even the same division. ha ha

Kathleen said...

I gave you an award on my blog. :o) Have a great day!

LORI said...


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