Friday, January 2, 2009

{here's to half}

Please forgive this delicious little man if he looks a little sleepy eyed.

I'm going to do what mommy's do best and make excuses for my boy.

He is absolutely exhausted!

You see today he turned SIX months old and he is plain tuckered out. He's done nothing but grow and grow and grow since the day he was born.
He has made us smile, made us laugh, made us worry, and on rare occasion made us sleepy. But mostly he has doubled our joy and forced our hearts to grow a whole size larger. For now he is our little caboose and we LOVE him!
Bossy Pants has found his best friend for life. And likewise, our Baby Boy has found a true friend and inspiration in his big brother. What more could we as parents ask for?
Happy half of a birthday Baby Boy! We love you so much! xoxoxox
{a little bit about this time of his life}
he has been sitting up all by himself for over a month
he could beat a grown man in a chugging contest and doesn't mind my bragging about it
he has discovered the glorious-ness of sweet potatoes and carrots
and apparently has no need for peas in his life
he rolls like a champ
he loves to lay on his back...especially if there is a ceiling fan twirling overhead
he despises being laid on his belly...crawling will just have to wait
when he smiles his whole mouth opens wide and his tongue starts going a million miles an hour
when he gets excited his little arms get going fast enough to lift his little bum off the ground and flitter himself around the house...or at least I imagine that would happen if he didn't weigh nearly 21 pounds
he is a wonderful sleeper and I am ever so thankful for that
our little mellow fellow is really progressing with his vocal cords...perhaps he'll be a singer like Bossy Pants
he is a joy and a blessing and we are so happy he is ours!


Fullerton Family said...

What a cute, chunky little man you have!! And holy cow, almost 21 lbs.?! He has Jaci beat! Isn't is so neat and precious to see your little ones playing together?! Love it and you!!

Kristin said...

Happy half birthday little man. What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

He sure is a handsome guy! Exhausted but handsome none the less! Hard to believe it's been 6 months already!

Colbi and Jeff said...

OH, he's so adorable and fat, I love it! Happy half birthday to you! :)

LORI said...


{nicole coombs} said...

He is so cute Ash!

Eric and Addie said...

wow, he looks a lot like bossy pants in that picture. and yes he is a chub but who would want it any other way??

The Three Little Hatchlings said...

Oh my gosh...I cannot believe he is that old already it seems like you just had him. He is so dang cute and chubby. I love it. Im glad he is a good baby. I am crossing my fingers that my second will be the same.

JDButler Family said...

Oh my sweet little "Juicy"! No excuses need made for him! He's so WONDERFUL!!! I could use a little Juicy today! LOL Grandma!

Anonymous said...