Monday, January 5, 2009

{sorry tommy}

A letter to sir Tom Chambers from Bossy Pants' future self.

Dear Tommy,

Remember that SUNS game back in 2008 when my crazy Mom got really brave and asked if she could take my picture with you? She wasn't sure if she should stand me next to you and just get a picture of my head at your shins or if she should jump in and stand me on her shoulders so that it could be a face shot. But you just scooped me up in your enormous arms and took me up a whole two feet higher than I'm used to.

Well, I lost my cool that day. I covered my face and peaked at you from under my arm. You probably thought I didn't like you very much. I blame my behavior on a unexpected bout with acrophobia as well as a slight twinge of intimidation. So I thought I would clear the air.

I think you are awesome!

Who could forget your famous dunk over Mark Johnson? Man if only I was twenty years older, I would have loved to see that! I did watch on "Retro Night" when they named you a member of the "40th Anniversary Team" along with KJ, Majerle and Fat Charles {Barkley}. Those were the days. I wish I could have seen you play back in those glory days. I hear it was a thing of beauty.

Maybe one day I will learn to dunk like you. I'm hoping I got a freak giant gene from one of my parents. A boy has to dream.

So there is the short and long of it. Simply disappointed that I couldn't control my emotions on this, nearly most exciting day in my two-year-old life.

Thanks for the memories.


A Truly Honored Fan


The Bishop Family said... cute is that!


LOL, that is so darn cute! I'll never forget the look he gave Ethan as he ran past him. He's so adorable!

Darryl and Tamera said...

Dude, You're staight up on that, Chambers was it, back in the day. He was so white that people refused to account for his amazing talent. He seemed to just float out on the court, that he was rarely double teamed, I think a lot of ooopppsss, were gasped after a routine night of, oh, say, 30 or 40 points in your face shooting. the man had a super high point and shooting percentage every year. Hooray for this spectacular photo op. Luv Ya, DWB

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