Monday, February 2, 2009

{baby boy says}

If a man's home is his castle then is it fair to assume that a boy's room is his jungle?
And if a boy's room is his jungle....

Then could it also be his brother's jungle?

Baby Boy says,
"Well it sure looks that way doesn't it."


Anonymous said...

Do your boys pick up after themselves or do they just not move anything around? I can't keep Danika's room that straight if I try! LOL

The Brazels said...

Hey Ashley,
Just wondering how you painted your stripes in Garret's room. Were getting ready to paint our daughters room with wide stripes. Also did you paint the tree or is it a wallie?


Colbi and Jeff said...

I love his room. He is so adorable. I agree, we definately need to get our chubbs together one day :)

t does wool said...

oh,the room is great!!just great!

Anonymous said...