Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today while I was out and about taking care of things I picked up these seeds. Very soon I will be preparing the soil and getting ready to begin our garden.
I've never had a garden of my own and I desperately want all of these wonderful things to grow. So I have been doing my research, trying to make sure I know what it is I need to do.

As you can imagine I have spent a lot of time thinking about growth. And that has led me to contemplating my personal growth. I think that I am a good person. I genuinely have a desire to do good. I know I also have weaknesses. Many. And that is something I have to work on.

I've wondered to myself what it is that I have been doing to promote my self improvement. Have I become so comfortable where I am that I don't feel a need for growth? I hope not.

So beyond growing my garden this spring, I hope to grow myself. To become more of the person I want to be. And that is more the person the Lord would have me be. A better mother, a better wife, a better daughter and sister and neighbor and friend.

"With all my capacity I encourage you to discover who you really are. I invite you to look beyond the daily routine of life. I urge you to discern through the Spirit your divinely given capacities. I exhort you to prayerfully make worthy choices that will lead you to realize your full potential."

Richard G. Scott