Sunday, April 12, 2009

{please pray}

Some of you may remember when I mentioned my best friend Toni coming to Arizona this week.

Well her husband ended up finding out he needed to go in for a knee surgery and she decided to stay home and help him out as he recovered.

The surgery went well and he returned home without any complications.

When Toni got home from church this morning she found her husband, Nathan, unconscious and not breathing. He was rushed to the hospital in Wyoming and then life flighted to a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

He remains unconscious and in critical condition and it is still unsure what the cause was.

Please keep Nathan, Toni and their son Grant in your prayers.
Lots of love. Ash


JANE said...

Consoder it done.

Mary said...

We will pray for Nathan and his family. What a heartbreaking way to spend Easter, but I know he is safely in God's hands.

Fullerton Family said...

Oh goodness! I will keep them in my prayers! Keep us updated!

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

thanks ash. I love ya. I'm on my iPod and it's hard to type! Call ya tomorow.

Anonymous said...

Wow...We will keep them in our prayers!

The Waite Family said...

I am praying for them!! Let us know if ya hear anything. Thanks ash!

Anonymous said...