Monday, April 13, 2009

{the first day}

well as should be expected Gage's first day at preschool was terrible. he just couldn't stand the thought of being without his mommy for three whole hours. he held tightly to my legs and when he was pulled away he reached out his arms for me in desperation calling "mama mama mama...."

okay not really.

it went nothing like that.

basically he just waved me off as i made several attempts at telling him good-bye. i spent the next forty-five minutes in the office filling out paper work and then meandered back down to his classroom knowing that by now he must be missing me.

before i reached the door i heard it. real true cries for mama. part of me panicked. part of me was flattered. and the rest of me wasn't sure how to handle the situation. i stood in the hall for a moment debating if i should go in or wait outside a little longer and see if he calmed down. within minutes another mother came strolling down our way. she got to me and said "oh no i think that's my son."

well what do you know?

it was in fact her son that needed his mama and not mine. i peeked my head in to find Gage. there he sat playing at the table with a handful of new found friends. he had no idea i was there.

i picked up the remains of my broken heart and damaged pride and made my way to the car.

when i returned home i was greeted by a wonderfully chubby little man who apparently still feels that a mother is very necessary in his life. my pride was healed.

but i still missed my gagers.

he is home now and apparently can't wait for tomorrow when he can go back to "SKOO".
i think a trip to dairy queen is in order.
thank you everyone who has been praying for Nathan and his family. i am still waiting for an update today but for now you can visit their family blog where Toni left a short post.


The Blonde Duck said...

That's so sweet! What a big day for both of you!

Blain&Deedra said...

Big day and big accomplishments. It's fun to have them happy to go somewhere. I always dreaded nursery hoping that my kids would be the ones playing and not crying for mom. Well it happened and I am glad they are great kids.

{ashley b} said...

yes i am happy that he is transitioning so well. i really was afraid that he would cry for the first week. and then that little part of me wishes that he would at least be a little upset to see me go. :) ha ha

Jessica said...

My kids didnt cry for me on their first day of school either. I think I was more sad than they were. lol

Anonymous said...