Wednesday, April 15, 2009

{when it's quiet my mind wanders}

i'm still not use to the quiet.

apparently garrett is not use to the boredom. as soon as we return home from taking gage to school, he wants to be held until he slumbers off to sleep. nothing worth staying awake for without his big brother i guess.

yesterday i was able to fold an entire mountain of laundry undisturbed, as i watched a full episode of The Price Is Right for the first time in three years.

it was enjoyable. perhaps not quite as relaxing as i might have once imagined. i was missing the noise and the laughter too much to entirely de-stress. but like i said, still enjoyable.

gage's teachers told me this morning that he is the perfect student. he gets along with the kids, does as he is told and is really trying hard to say the things that they ask him to. i have to admit that all of these allegations surprised me a little. it would appear that the whole atmosphere of school is working for him. and i'm so grateful.

they told me i was welcome to sit in with him any day i would like. i think i will do that. maybe next week.

today he is taking his first trip to the library with his class. i can't wait to see his selection. i told the hubby how i hoped gage would love the library like i always did. you know how libraries always have a musky scent to them? like all the different papers all mixed together. i love it. and i love walking down the isles and just letting my fingers gently drift across the spines of all the books.

i hold my mom responsible for these little quirks.

and that's a good thing.

in other news, garrett is going in for an inspection today. his nine month check-up. i may be slightly in denial about his age. he is my baby and i don't think i'm ready for him to grow up. he is such a good little boy. i don't dread taking him to see dr. b. he does so well. just smiles and laughs. no crying. i'm finally getting use to that. and i think he may be rubbing off on gage as well because his last appointment was about 99 percent less dramatic than usual. and that's a number i can live with.

i really do have two perfectly amazing children. i need them and i like to think on occasion that they need me as well.

what a wonderfully novel thought.