Tuesday, May 5, 2009

hoo loves you baby?

the early hours of evening this past monday were spent at my parent's home while matt was on his way home from kansas.

gage was jumping on the trampoline and going on bike rides with his uncle burke while garrett was being squeezed and adored by his grandma.

this left me with empty hands and a well-used pile of sidewalk chalk.

it has been years, perhaps even a decade since i, ashley ledaun broomall, have played with this wonderful invention.

it was too much to resist.

before i knew it i was settling on the cold cement with chalk in hand. right next to my sisters.

it was beautiful. i felt like a kid again.

no amazing works of art need be created with sidewalk chalk. just fun, whimsical things of the imagination.

this owl flew right out of my chalk and within minutes was joined by an entire family of owls. all of them very beautiful.

it was a lovely sight to see.