Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i shared with you that my lover's birthday was yesterday.

well it was also my now-seventeen-year-old brother's birthday.

the very brother whom after watching All Dogs Go to Heaven when he was just a wee lad, would walk around the house telling everyone "Chee chee cho cho chain me to the wall."

the very brother whom i on several occasions referred to as Marcus Parcus Video Bathroom Head. {still unsure of how that name came about.} and he still loves me.

the very brother whose life i saved many moons ago. this was largely in part to the fact that he loved to wear his train engineer looking "over-dolls".

the very brother who when i was three months pregnant with gage called me on fast Sunday to make sure i knew that i shouldn't fast because i was pregnant. {he was 13 at the time and i nearly cried it was so sweet.}

the same brother whose diapers i changed, whose booty i toted around on my eight-year-old hip on many occasions, whose pacifiers i hid to try and help break him and who now towers a good seven inches over me and is a wonderful uncle to my two little men.

Happy Birthday Marcus!

{marcus giving gage one of the greatest thrill rides of his life. free of charge. aren't brothers wonderful?}