Monday, May 4, 2009

{twenty five}

the hubby turned twenty-five today.

we celebrated by taking him to the airport this morning. bright and early.

we dropped him off at terminal four. his flight was bound for kansas city. he's got a long day {and night} ahead of him.

he is picking up one of our vehicles and has to make the nearly sixteen hour drive home alone. and if that story were not so entirely long and detailed, i would share it with you.
hopefully the folks in kansas will notice the "I'm the Birthday boy!" sign that i taped to his back and treat him extra kind because of it.

Happy Happy Birthday Matthew Dear!
Happy days will come to you all year!
If I had a wish then it would be....
A Happy Happy Birthday to you from me!

We love you Hubby-slash-Daddy and can't wait for you to be home so we can give you your twenty-five spankings followed by your twenty-five kisses.

Be safe.

Love You Everyday,
The Wife and Kids