Monday, May 25, 2009

in my arms

photo from google images

garrett is sleeping. it's a good thing too cause that boy was t-i-r-e-d.
gage is eating a corn dog as fast as humanly possible. he sure does love those things.

the hubby is at the fire department. not sure why they wanted him there today....

i'm sitting here relaxing for a half a second. or long enough to post something i guess.

the sky is perfect today. light blue with gray. and the threat of rain smells delicious. i love cloudy days. i always have and i'm not sure why. it's comforting and calming to me.

today it got me thinking of those darned addicting books, better known as the twilight series. sometimes i feel silly for loving those books like i do. but what can i do? i was thinking of bella and edward....sigh. and then this song started playing. perfect for our immortal lovers don't you think?

it's a beautiful song...even for us lovers of the human variety. i want to belt it out to my hubby and my boys. it wouldn't sound nearly as pretty though, so i will just replay it for them next time we're all together.

perhaps on our way to the barbecue this afternoon.

i sure do love my men. more than twilight...more than cloudy skies...more than memorial day barbecues.

speaking of which,




mrs_jpyatt said...

I love this song! It is my song for my Gavin & Gage! It was played at Gavin's funeral! It is so special to me!

Mary said...

Beautiful song. I'm not the biggest Edward and Bella fan, though I enjoyed the books, but this song made me think of the magically peaceful moments I spent just sitting there and holding my sleeping babies in my arms so many years ago, thinking about how I'd always keep them safe and loved. I still feel that way about them!

Brandon and Kelli Starkes said...

Don't even get me started on I have read the Twilight Saga just recently and I was so sad that I was done reading all 4 books that I started reading them again plus on Stephanie Meyer's website she posted 12 chapters of midnight sun (edwards point of view from the first time he saw bella) and I'm reading that also. New Moon comes to theaters on November 20.... Im so excited. I do love that song, everytime I hear it I think about Seana's Gavin.

{nicole coombs} said...

Oh my sounds like a good day! And I am glad to hear I am not the only one that day dreams about twilight. I have been getting that feeling to read them again I miss Bella and Edward! Ha ha

Anonymous said...