Thursday, May 28, 2009

the sugar in my oatmeal

monday sure was fun for us. we indulged in a memorial day bbq slash birthday celebration for our Nana.

gage was in animal heaven. there were kitties and puppies everywhere he turned and he could not have been more pleased. well i suppose he could have if only he were permitted to bring a few of them home with him. he may have nearly had my support with the puppies. they were so fat and round and adorable, i had to remind myself several times that puppies grow up to be dogs. full grown, loud, hungry dogs. and being that we have three of those already, well i was able to control my puppy-wanting urges.

the weather was perfect, the food was good and the company was amazing. the men, young and old, got caught up in a few good games of basketball while the women and children snuck off for a walk. i guess we really weren't all that sneaky...we formed a small mob. it was so enjoyable.

gage insisted that he walk the webb's dog. his name is buddy and i'm almost positive that he thinks they just have him on loan. he really belongs to him of course.

even the loss of his britches {underpants and all} could not distract him from his self-appointed duties as dog walker. that boy has persistence, i will say that much.

i never cease to be entertained by gage. and his little brother is following right in his footsteps. those two are the sugar in my oatmeal and the cherry on my sundae. pretty much the most wonderful parts of my life.


Mary said...

That picture with the puppies is priceless! That's the perfect, "Aww, c'mon, Mom, can I have them, please, huh? Pleeeease?" expression on his face!

Lizzie said...

what a great day! and way to go capturing that fun moment with the pants-less dog walker :)

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

That picture of Gage is so funny. I love it! I might be coming out there within the next month! Happy day. We are going to have to do a lot of hanging out to make up for the lost time!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...