Tuesday, June 2, 2009

answered prayers

sunday evening i tucked the boys in for bed a little later than usual.

i was exhausted and expected to find relief after laying the last tired body in bed. but i didn't. not only was the calm missing that usually comes once my home is finally quiet, but i felt in a panic to the point of a stomach ache.

i stood in garrett's room for a few moments wondering what in the world was going on. i said a prayer quietly to myself for my boys and when the anxiety was still lingering i walked into our bedroom and asked matt to come and pray with me.

together we went into each of the boys rooms and prayed for their protection and prayed for our home, that it would be a peaceful place. i felt comfort after we were finished. i gave the boys a kiss and went to bed. the calm was back.


yesterday i got a call from the hubby. he had taken the boys over to his parents house so that i could get some much needed cleaning done.

"gage rode the green four-wheeler all by himself." he said.

"woo hoo! well how did he do?" i asked.

"well.....he went from four-wheeling, to two-wheeling, to NO wheeling." he told me.

i was shocked and asked him if he was kidding. i figured he must be because he sounded much too calm. he assured me that he was not. and then told me that gage was fine. he was actually off riding his blue rhino now.

this green four-wheeler we're talking about is a honest to goodness four-wheeler just built in a smaller proportion. it is still large enough for matt to ride along on. apparently gage decided to go full throttle all of a sudden and turned too sharp. he rolled the quad on asphalt and went skidding across the pavement.

all he has to show for it is some pretty good scrapes on his elbows and chin. {he was wearing a helmet.}

i'm just so thankful that he was being watched over and that he wasn't injured. it really is a blessing that nothing more happened to him.

it's amazing the power of prayer.


Lizzie said...

i am so glad your little man was safe and sound under watchful eyes. :)

Mary said...

It's a testimony, isn't it?

When Jacob was about 5, we were at Mark's grandma's house. I walked outside and asked her where Mark and the kids were. She told me he had taken them to the park on bikes. Well, Jacob was on a bike that he could barely reach the peddles and didn't know how to use the handle brakes. I felt the panic rise up and a voice in my head shouted, "Pray!" I prayed harder than I ever had before.

When they returned, they all told me excitedly how Jacob had been unable to stop when they reached the main street by the park, and he shot right out in front of a car. The woman driver skidded and swerved, and Mark assured me that she stopped less than an inch from Jacob when he fell in the street. This happened within minutes of the time I was standing there on the front lawn praying that God would protect my children.

I DO believe in the power of prayer!

{nicole coombs} said...

Wow Ash thats scary. Glad he is alright!

Anonymous said...