Monday, June 1, 2009

puppy love

"gage did you dream about puppies last night?"

that is how the hubby decided to start out our day. bad idea. the bright light went on in my little man's head as he remembered koda. a ten week old german shepherd and the newest addition at grandma and grandpa broomall's.
from that moment on our day was nothing more than a bunch of "i wanna see the puppy" whines all strung together. i kept reminding him that he could only go visit koda if he was a good boy. he was on his best behavior...which means he was still plenty of ornery, but nicer about it.

you can imagine his excitement when we rolled up to grandma's house for a barbecue. he went straight for the new puppy. and the new puppy went straight to hiding. you see, gage can be a bit overwhelming when he really really really likes you. {i find it very endearing.}
he quickly observed that koda had just one toy out with him on the porch, so he made his way inside and came back out with a handful of pink doggy playthings.

way to take care of him son.

i am pretty sure that gage is in love.

we had a nice afternoon of eating, visiting, pulling the boys around in the wagon and of course slurping down root beer floats.

these are the days i love.