Tuesday, June 9, 2009

going afloat

we are off to lake powell tomorrow.

we'll be spending the next seven days afloat. i am pretty excited even though i have been putting off packing for the last few days. nothing like last minute chaos right?

our ten year old neighbor will be watering our garden and other needy things while we are gone. i'm working on a little list for him. i feel confident that everything will still be alive when we get home.

our four-legged barking friends will be fed by two of matt's employees. they are big rowdy dogs whom require adults for their feedings.

i took a bag of groceries to another neighbor's house. tomatoes, lettuce, tortillas, eggs....things that would spoil before we got home. they have a house full of boys so i'm sure they will take care of things nicely.

i am such a home body. well in a strange way. i do love to get out and about and be on the move but i always miss my home. i almost get homesick before we even leave. but i have such a nice time vacationing with my family.

gage loves the lake. i am sure this will be his favorite year ever. he's getting so big that i can hardly believe it. pretty soon we'll be dragging him behind us on a wakeboard. how crazy will that be?

the lake life is like a second home to matthew. as soon as we get to the boat i become a mother of three boys. not just two. he has a good time and that makes me happy.

i of course love anywhere that offers me sunshine and relaxation. garrett and i will probably spend a lot of time sunbathing. we're both kind of rolly and pasty you know.

so that's where we will be. happy summer wishes to all!!!

::p.s. gage will be turning THREE while we are out on the lake!! we'll be celebrating when we get home.

::p.p.s i will be doing some serious shop updating when i get back. new items and sale items so check back in to see what i've got!