Monday, June 8, 2009

sorting through my good intentions

the almost-three-year-old was sick saturday night. it included lots of crying and even more vomiting. very sad to see. poor little man finally nodded off around 10:30 after successfully ejecting every bit of substance in his little tummy. i carried him off to bed and wrapped up the last of my day's projects.

when it became apparent that all i was going to do for the next few hours was worry, i put off climbing into bed with the hubby and set out doing "quiet chores". i went to the cupboard to fetch myself a cleaning rag and was met by an avalanche of unruly fabrics, linens, rags, notions and cleaners.

well since i was going to stay up anyways, why not tackle my demon?

and you know what i came to realize in all my tackling?.......

i have heaps and heaps of good intentions. and i capitalize on the intentions part.

see for yourself::::

this is a darling apron...okay, so that's what it's SUPPOSED TO BE.

flannel squares all cut and ready to become
a brightly colored rag quilt.

garrett's christmas quilt. LONG STORY. he got
a ducky one instead. i still want to finish this one but due to a catastrophic run-in with a seam ripper, it may be a while til i work myself up to it.

the pink stripes date back to my senior year in high school. no joke! they were intended to be matching pajama pants with Mareez's....what can i say..... now i'm pretty sure it's going to be a summer nightie. ooh that sounds lovely.

::::the gray was found in the bargain bin at joann's. pretty sure that it was intended to make little monster pals for my boys. hey-it could still happen.

one day this will be a happy little frog
quilt for my little home slices.

some lovely vintage linens...still trying to decide what to do with them. i am absolutely in love with the pillow case on top. the embroidery is beautiful and the edges are scalloped. sigh.

a stack of some of my favorite fabrics ever!
all of which were incorporated into {surprise!}
this unfinished quilt. i can't wait to finish this one. it's going to be a beauty!

fabrics i picked up at a yard sale a few weekends ago. some newer, some vintage. allow me to get a close up on the bright blue piece. it is my favorite. what should it become?

i found this darling vintage baby blanket at a rummage sale. i think it should definitely end up in my shop.

the piece underneath is a scrap from my $1 yard sale chair.

behold the before and after:::

this chair cost me all of $3 to buy and pretty up. love it!

i can't wait to have a crafting room one day! my thread needs a better home.

and of course now i have to give you my excuse for all of these unfinished projects of mine. part of it really is me putting it off and the other part is that my sewing machine gave up the ghost a few months ago.

truly truly sad.

my sister-in-law has been kind enough to let me use her machine and that has helped sustain me. so you can imagine my excitement when i became the proud new owner of this powder blue vintage machine. you just can't put a price on love you know....well okay you can in this instance. it cost me a whopping ten dollars! tomorrow it has an appointment with the "doctor" to make sure everything is oiled and in good working order and i should be receiving a manual in the mail any day now. i am this close to sewing again! hooray!

a few hours {and many pictures} later we have the finished product.

perhaps my next project will be the pantry.


LORI said...


Lizzie said...

that looks stunning! unfortunately it took a sick munchkin to get it organized :( i hope he is feeling better.

i just did my pantry about 2 months ago, and i am SO glad i did, amazingly i can find things now!!

{our happy nest} said...

ha ha aunt lori yes my paper mess is a post all of it;s own. :)

Mary said...

Poor Gage--I hope he's all recovered (like your chair)!

You, Lori, and I all seem to be on the same wavelength this week, organizing our homes and blogging about it!

Hatch Ho Hum said...

I love all those fabrics. I just got a sewing machine from my grandma and can't wait to start all these cool projects. You have so much cute fabric! And I love the chair! Also I love my earrings! Thank you so much. I LOVE THEM.

{nicole coombs} said...

K So even though I dont have stacks and stacks of fabric {yet} I do have some projects that could be tended too. Infact this post has inspired my crafty side and now I am dreaming up all kinds of wonderfull things to create!
Thanks a lot Ashley :)

Anonymous said...