Friday, July 24, 2009

boys by day

these two boys are full of wonder. their hair and eyes are completely different shades and their personalities could not be more diverse but their need for discovery is one and the same.

they have the hearts and minds of adventures. their eyes are filled with brilliant flecks of curiosity that sparkle all through the day. it is a beautiful sight to see.

by night they dream of jungles and lands filled with creatures of all shapes and sizes. sometimes their tiny toes and fingers twitch and i smile because that tells me that this must be a good one.

by night they are warriors, sailors and doctors. they teach, save and explore. they can be anything or anyone.

by night they are my little angels. clean faced and peaceful with warm cheeks and soft hearts. they refuse no kisses and they stay put as i tell them how wonderful they are. i tell them how i love them and how they have each changed me. i tell them how i'm the luckiest mommy in the whole world because they are mine.

by night i pray for them and dream of the men that they will become. these are men that we are raising, not just boys. they are husbands and fathers.

by night i am sometimes overwhelmed at the great responsibility that i have been gifted.

but by day they are still my boys. they are gage and garrett. three and one. and they just want to play.


Davis Family said...

Love this post. Someone once told me that I should be grateful that my child isn't a dud! And I think you embrace that and I should learn from you. It is a huge task we take on, but we have so much support. What a blessing.

Scott and Genevieve said...

That is too cute! I love how they are looking out the window together. The way you describe them makes me think of my girls. Such different personalities, but best little buddies. That's crazy about our kids birthdays. Somehow I had never realized how close they are! We love and miss you guys, too!

Mary said...

I wish every mommy in the world could see their children as you see yours!

Lizzie said...

very very sweet :)

Anonymous said...
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