Wednesday, July 22, 2009

pink rosebuds and vintage gifts

this girl's birthday was on my mind
i found this bed at a rummage sale
it looked like this.

i gave it to her today
i finally finished it.
{the vintage fabrics were so fun to use.}
i was pleased with how it turned out.

and more pleased at how she kept carrying it around with her at the park.

happy {late} birthday brinley!

i made these earrings three days ago.
they've been in my ears ever since.
i think i'll make some more tonight
for my shop.

like my hair-do?
i stole it from our waitress at pf chang's.
so complicated i know.
but i am liking simple these days.

wonder what that thing is on my chin?
you know,
right below my smile line.
it is a souvenir from some chickenpox i had
back when i was a wee little thing.
impressive right?


Mary said...

Love what you did with that bed. Lucky Brinley!

{nicole coombs} said...

I love your hair its super cute! That little bed makes me want a girl! I hope Molli has one I can spoil a little. And I hope you dont mind but I am sorta going to copy your blog set up. Dont be mad k! I just love it to much!!!

Colbi and Jeff said...

I love Brinley's present! I'm sure she did too! And your hair and earings - now we can just steal the hair-do from you! ;)

Lizzie said...

the doll bed is GORGEOUS! and the hairdo is adorable :)

Anonymous said...