Tuesday, July 21, 2009

you + rain = the best time of your life

the rain came down in sheets this afternoon. i opened the windows to gesture in the smell and sounds. they were closed soon after when the booming thunder scared garrett so badly that i thought he would never let go of my neck.

i have never understood when people use the expression "save it for a rainy day". like it's a bad thing. like a rainy day is something to be avoided. i say send on the rain! i'll be one of the first out there dancing my silly dance.

have you ever danced in the rain? it's a strangely liberating and refreshing experience. really, i don't make these things up. i prefer the shoes off, hair down, jacket free approach but if you're a beginner you may want to take out your goulashes and raincoat. oh and stick to the smaller puddles. all things in due time right?

i can tell you that gage is like his momma in this way. did i tell you about the time he let himself out while i had dozed off with his brand new baby brother? i woke up to an open door, a nice wet drizzle and a missing two year old. the sheriff's department was involved. a kind neighbor finally found him splashing in nearby puddles. apparently he had found his snow boots and slipped them on before starting his adventure.

i never did tell you this story did i? probably because i was too traumatized to share. now i take it as a lesson learned and a chance to laugh at my son the adventurer who loves to play in the rain just like his momma. (there is now a lovely latch atop our door.) and snow boots? really? this boy is darn near genius.

are you in the mood to splash in some puddles now? clothes wash, hair dries, make-up will still be there when you're done. just enjoy yourself.

after all, anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.


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Mary said...

I like! I'm also a rain dancer. People who wait inside the building or car waiting for the rain to let up are missing out. I ask them, "Are you made of spun sugar? You won't melt!"

We're having plenty of rain here in Missouri, too. Splash away!

{nicole coombs} said...

Can I just say that i LOVE LOVE your little blog! I check in almost daily to get a little ashley and her happy nest!
Dancing in the rain! little white houses whith white picket fences! Its like you take my daydreams and put them in your blog perfectly spoken!
Oh and I might just be copying your header cause I LOVE how perfectly simple it is. I sudenly am all about the simplicity of things. I wish you lived closer we were MFEO!!!
Love ya-

{nicole coombs} said...

Oh and I need your help! Can you help me think of something fun to "name" my blog other then the totally obvious Coombs Family???

{nicole coombs} said...

Oh and you should publish you Blog in a book! It would make a perfect coffee table read! Think about it! I would buy it.

Lizzie said...

so true! we love playing in the rain :) wish we had some now, sun sun and more sun. but that's OK means we can go swimming!

Anonymous said...