Friday, September 11, 2009

always learning

today i learned:::

toothpaste makes a wonderful toilet seat polish.

a mother should never paint her fingernails a dark causes for all day concern from their very observant children. "oh mom. lots of boo boos."
the blonde one and i have twin lips.

necklaces with elephants on them will turn into a toy within five minutes of the first wear.

"curls aren't pretty" to little boys named gage. apparently he does not approve of today's hairstyle.

the youngest of my children seems to think he comes from a long line of billy goats. :::ga-ar-ar-ar-ar-ettt(you have to say that in your best goat voice) i am your mother. i'm human, have two legs with goofy feet and ten wiggly toes. we weren't made to climb on every available day you'll believe me.

three year olds repeat EVERYTHING they hear.

one year olds do not like to be sat upon by three year olds.

every mom is entitled to at least two days a week to feel like a complete basket case.