Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i heart fall

i just love fall.
and it is clearly beginning to show itself.

the boys and i had oatmeal and toast for breakfast this morning to warm ourselves from the tummy out.

my end table is stacked with this month's magazines. each and every one donning a jack-o-lantern or costumed child on it's cover. one in particular claims to teach mom how to achieve fifteen minutes of peace. i think i'll read that one first.

monday evening we watched the most beautiful sunset in a stormy sky as the boys ran around like, well, boys.

yesterday as i stood in line at the post office i couldn't help but notice the row of silver haired individuals in front of me. they were all there for the same purpose. a temporary change of address. looks like the snowbirds are checking out.

gage wore his first long sleeve shirt to school today. he looked so cute running up the wet sidewalk with his backpack slapping his buns with each step {or should i say leap}. i realized that i will need a new plan for the snow. i'm not sure how garrett will feel about accompanying gage to school on those icy cold mornings.

i pulled out an ugly bright orange ceramic pumpkin from my decor stash. i got it for a steal and of course thought a fresh coat of paint would do it good. i was right. it is now my favorite pumpkin.

i'm getting anxious now to pull out all of my fall decor. and more anxious still to watch the bright green leaves on our tree turn a deep red. and i think this year we will finally take the boys to the pumpkin patch just down the road from my parent's house.

i just love fall.

what's your favorite season?


Fullerton Family said...

I heart fall, too. Now if only I were up there for it!! 90* doesn't exactly scream fall to me....

mrs_jpyatt said...

I heart fall so much! Ashley you are deffinetly a woman after my own heart in so many ways! I have been itching to get out my fall decor too! I can't wait to take Gage to the pumpkin patch! I think I'll just go ahead and do it this year though he really won't know what's going on! LOL!

{nicole coombs} said...

oooo I think I Love the begining of all seasons. I love the transitions between them. The first time Flowers bloom, the first pool party the first cup of hot chocolate, and the first tree that turns colors! But I do love the colder months A LOT!! I very much look forward to them while living down here!

Anonymous said...

I love fall and spring! The colors are so beautiful! I love how quiet it seems to get when it snows and I love the chirps of the birds in the summer! Each season has it's own unique beauty!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely with you on Fall. But I adore winter the most. Snow makes me so happy. Lots and lots of it! Plus, winter fashion!? Can I say OMG I HEART BOOTS AND COATS! Hope that point was clear. :)

Anonymous said...