Tuesday, September 29, 2009

fallish details

i get so excited to decorate my home come fall. i love spring and summer, but to me fall is so enjoyable. so cozy. it signals that hibernation is nearly upon us.

i wanted to keep it simple this year. but i wanted to make the pieces that i did use, things that i absolutely loved. i thought i was done. but then i stepped back, took it all in, and decided i would like to make some adjustments. you know me right? this is entirely normal behavior.

but for now, here is what has been accomplished::

i haven't used my cricut in a while. silly girl. i shoveled it out of the closet today however to dress up my sad candle trio. i love vinyl. it's a sickness. but don't they look pretty?

apothecary jars are like the little black dress of home decorating. you can use them all year long. just empty them out each season into a storage container and fill them with new lovelies. the crystals were left overs from a project i did some time ago. it's not quite full enough for me yet but all i've done is shop my house. i feel the winds of change a brewin'.

i'm not thrilled with how the candelabra painting turned out. too bad though. it stays. i did however devise a plan on changing it up a bit. more on that later.

i am so in love with this bowl and pitcher set. i had it done at a ceramic shop here in town a few months ago. looking at it makes me oh so happy.

like i said. vinyl. it's a disease.

don't judge.

a lovely thrifted find. they will soon be fitted with sparkling new eyes.

i can never say enough about spray paint. magnificent invention.

my lovely assistant looking for some recognition.

sundae a la pumpkin.

these pretty ladies are also a thrifted find from quite a while back. i just covered four books with coordinating papers to give them something to do. i have to say i was very pleased with how it turned out.


the best thing about all of this is that it is completely different from what i've done in the past, yet i did not spend one penny on anything new. it was all from things i already had. paint, vinyl and all. i figure once i'm done with adjustments i will probably end up spending ten to fifteen dollars. not bad i say.

what is your favorite decoration for the autumn months?


Anonymous said...

Wanna come do mine? I love the Eek on the candles! Very very cute!

Tina said...

Way cute! Love what you've done!

Mary said...

I love autumn wreaths, though sadly I do not own one. I thought your candelabra painting was very striking. It drew my eye past everything else on the shelf!

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Cute cute. I love it. I love the smells of fall. I always bust out my spiced pumpkin something candles and things when fall hits because I just love those smells. You can't have fall without the yummy candles!

sara,mike,rhett,and gage said...

you are a brave girl to have all those breakables! My kids would destroy them in a day!

{nicole coombs} said...

I LOVE your decorations! I dont have nay fall decorations :( maybe this year I have had my eye on a few cream colored pumpkins at joanns they almost look just like yours. Yhey are lovely. Someday I will have all sorts of things.

Anonymous said...