Monday, September 28, 2009

making me warm

i woke up this morning dangling off the edge of the queen-sized bed. only half covered in blankets. but surprisingly warm. when did we put a heater in bed with us i wondered. and not just any heater. a soft, mushy, most delicious smelling heater.

i looked over at matthew to find that he also had been gifted his own personal heater in the night. perhaps not as mushy and gushy but a bit longer for sure. fair enough.

i thought i might wiggle back in and drift off to sleep.

but then those silly heaters started rolling around and giggling.

hello monday!


Mandi said...

Well, that is just the darn cutest little thing I've seen all day. You are just the cutest and your kids are just the cutest. I love you!

{nicole coombs} said...

Oh How Lovely! I'm ganna have to get some of those heaters you were talking about... oh wait I have two already and they espeacially like to put there knees on my back and their hands on my face to keep me warm ALL throught the night! haha
-So I was thinking I need to come up for a day just tp see you and your little boys. What say you?

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

You can borrow Grant as a bed heater anytime. That way I would finally get a break from him being in my bed. It's true, he sleeps with me everynight! I figure it's still okay being as Nathan has been in Cali since the beginning of July! What can you do! They are soooo stinkin' cute. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...