Thursday, November 12, 2009


today is windy and cold. there will be no energy burning outside for sure. we've only just begun to dip our toes in the cold that winter brings and my boys are already stir crazy. and that means completely wild.

my camera has captured nothing but boyish blurs all morning long. couch pillows are strategically strewn across the room to provide leap pads for tireless little legs. colored pencils and giant pieces of poster board are this morning's old news which are yet to be put away. puzzle pieces cover the hallway that connects their bedrooms. a booby trap for mom i think. if i step on one more of the knobby ones i think i might cry. three times i have had to re-pants boys. oh and did i mention the basket of laundry waiting to be folded?

it's all a little crazy over here. and a lot messy. but double the crazy and triple the mess and that's how wonderful i would say it is. when my home is empty (and clean) i think i'll be hurting for messy, wild days just like these.