Monday, January 4, 2010

making changes

the boys each have their own room. garrett's room gets the sun almost all day long and is full of bright colors. they both seem to gravitate to it. that is until they've made such a mess that they can't get around. then they move on to gage's room...and then mom has two big messes to clean. fun!

those are a few of my reasons for deciding to move them into the same room. i asked gage how he felt about it last week. he really liked the idea. in fact, every day he reminds me of it. so my goal for the week is to get them moved in together. and perhaps thrift out a good percentage of toys in the meantime.

i'm excited because i get to do some decorating and changing around. but slightly nervous since this means garrett will be graduating to a big boy bed. that transition with gage was nothing short of a nightmare. but with garrett, i know he wants to be just like gage so maybe that will help. i hope so.

and in other news, this cute boy is making other big boy leaps this week in the way of potty-training. he's shown interest in it for the past month or so but i have put on the brakes because i feel like he is so young. i realize now that all kids are different and that is fine. gage was still petrified of the bathroom at this age but maybe garrett really is ready. he's been wearing his big brother's underwear today and so far we are accident free! go garrett!