Thursday, January 7, 2010

for now

as it goes, my postings will be sparse for the remainder of the week. i figure i'll jump on my spring cleaning while my toes are still cold.

i will leave you for the time being with some little lovelies that are on my wishlist for the boys' not-so-new room.


i looove this print from SepiaLepus. I think this one is a must have.

I think these happy little creatures would be perfect accessories. I pretty much love everything from Sleepy King. So very very perfect.

I think these wool felt "plushidermy" bunnies from Girl Savage are oh so clever. i'm actually wanting to do a whole wall around this theme. i have some really cute ideas that will hopefully come to life very very soon.
oh and here is a year-old post to hold you over that is freakishly relevant. let me just say, i'm not a huge fan of when that happens.
now i'm off to conquer my home. wish me luck!


{nicole coombs} said...

I Love the owl! Have you seen the owls they have at potterbarn kids right now! I'm in love! So cute.
I read your linked post from a year ago and it is so appropriate for the way I have been since two weeks before Christmas! I can never seem to get ahead of anything these days. Its starting to get really frustrating!
Happy Cleaning

Anonymous said...