Monday, January 18, 2010

the weatherman has been telling us that there's a good sized storm coming our way. we are talking feet, not inches. this morning i packed up the boys and we made a last minute trip to show low. just in case our weatherman happens to be right.

you never know with weathermen.

the sky was steely gray as we started our drive and it stayed that way aside from a few quick flurries. we made it home before anything serious started. long before. in fact, i'm still waiting for proof. there is a little bit of snow out there. it came down big and fluffy for a bit. but it has subsided. for now.

part of me is ready to be snowed in. i just wish we had a wood stove and then i think i would really be ready to be snowed in. it kind of sounds nice for some reason. like it will force me to slow down and just enjoy the day. make stew and homemade bread perhaps. that sounds divine!

what do you think? would you like to be snowed in tomorrow?

{p.s. have you seen my chocolate loves vanilla headbands? i wore mine today and i love it! there are more available at my etsy shop here.}


Bree and Phil Killian said...

hey girl! im not sure you know me, actually im sure you dont, im a new blogger and found yours through someone elses' haha. i love it! and i was just telling my hubs how i want an "earwarmer" like your chocovanilla one, in all black, or...plum or or or oh i love them! do you live near showlow!? i live 2 hrs from there, originally from mesa, we live jst inside NM, and we have snow, and a woodstove! you can come cook for me! haha :) loove your blog! thanks for sharin!!

Aunt Tiff said...

ASHLEY...I would LOVE to be snowed in tomorrow as long as we can still send the kids to school:)

Fullerton Family said...

We also went and got all stocked up and ready for a big storm. And we're still waiting for the proof! Poor Mallory was certain that today would be a snow day. Love the headbands, too cute!

Tina said...

Way cute!... the hat, too! :)

Anonymous said...