Thursday, February 4, 2010

parade of lovelies

today i have had a parade of lovely things marching through my mind. i love when this happens. i just wish that along with the vision came the opportunity for execution. i feel like my days need to be doubled in length in order to accomplish at least half of my goals. i keep thinking i am on the verge of slowing down and before i know it i am wrong again.

you ever feel that way?

the hubby is gone tonight. he is gone every thursday night. plus every monday night. last semester he finished up his EMT courses and passed his National Registry to become a certified EMT. pretty cool huh? i am a very proud wife! this semester he is tackling some more firefighter courses. which takes him away far too often. this new pursuit is bringing on the winds of change. i wonder what will become of it.

but back to the subject.

evenings like this {after my boys slumber off} are quiet and lonely so i decided to pull out some materials and get to work. in my half empty bed i widdled away some of my thoughts into creation. i think i will have a lot of fun working at them all. hopefully you will be seeing more of it very soon.

now i believe it is bed time.
good night.