Saturday, February 6, 2010

a quilt for my baby

well i did it!

i finally finished the quilt for garrett's new bed.

is the bed finished?

did i ever tell you how it weights like a million pounds? you don't even want to know how i got it to the room in the first place. now it needs to be carted back out and to the garage for some sanding and a coat of paint.
its day will come.

{garrett had to squeeze in a photo op of his lovely breakfast face. fruity pebbles anyone?}

i used pretty much the same fabrics as i used for my nephew's quilt top. i just love them so much. i tried to make garrett's a little more big boy and a little less baby. you be the judge of if it worked or not.

i was torn on what to do for the back. in the end i resorted to a simple white piece and called it good. i actually am glad i did that. simple is nice.

i wish i had made it an itsy bit bigger. but it's okay.
i wish i had done something a little different with the blocks. but that's okay too.

live and learn. right?

so that's one big check off on my list of things to do.
i do love that feeling.