Monday, March 29, 2010

i loved it.

it finally felt like spring might really be settling in around our little mountain home.

my dining room was bathed in sunlight.

i loved it.

garrett and i romped around the yard while big brother was at school.

me cleaning up this and that.

garrett launching hand fulls of rock here and there and telling trail to hush even when he wasn't barking.

i loved it.

he wore his little self out.
he fell asleep all red faced on my shoulder.

i loved that the very most.

i'm going private at the end of the week. if you'd like an invite just leave me your email address here.


Mandi said...

I love the sunshine. That is how I feel first thing every morning when the sun shines through my windows. It just makes me feel glad inside. And there is something about fresh flowers that make everything brighter and more cheerful. And best of all there is something so special and tender about your sweet little ones falling asleep on you. I am happy that you got that moment. I don't seem to get it very often (mostly just at church when Thomas can't fight sleep any longer). Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...