Wednesday, March 31, 2010

creatures of habit

which towell?

i ask this question twice every night. i don't know why i ask it other than for the sake of keeping a good habit. gage gets asked first and sometimes he'll ponder on it for a moment, but we always know the ending. dragon! he'll proclaim.

i'll chuckle a little, wrap him up, have him kick his feet and send him on his merry way. next up is garrett. he is asked the question to which i simply get the cutest ROAR you ever heard.


we pull the plug, snuggle him up, dry his feet and make our way next door to join gage who is engaging in dragon-esque activities in the bedroom, such as jumping off the bed and flying. but never breathing fire mind you. no, this dragon is of the friendly variety. garrett always gets a good laugh at the sight of him.

i lotion them up and put them in their warmest jammies. then i gather up the prized towels and take them to their designated hooks, ready for the next night.

some habits are hard to break.


{bryanna} said...

LONG time no write! oh how I missed your blog! lol.. i got out of the habit of checking on you missy... speaking of habits some are very HARD to break! And when it comes to the sweet faces of our little ones, nearly impossible! Glad Im back, and reading you very cute blog.
:) Bryanna

{nicole coombs} said...

Love your Towles did you make them? I need to make some more hoodie towles for my little boys! Hope everything is ok what happened with your scare? Email me let me know
Love ya girl
Miss you!

Anonymous said...