Saturday, April 3, 2010

an easter greeting




i have been seeing these fabric covered wreaths all over lately and finally decided to make one of my own for this happy spring season. i just love cheery colors. it would probably sit prettier on a home with a white door. but oh well.

today will be a fun day. there will be bbq-ing, easter egg hunting, egg decorating, conference watching and then of course mom's last minute effort to assemble easter baskets at ten o'clock tonight.

this year i haven't done a lot in the way of easter activities. it's been rather relaxing actually and even though the boys are small i hope they will take more away from this easter than just a fascination with that silly bunny who delivers them baskets full of sugar and pretty eggs.

i love easter and the love that it represents from our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. i feel so inadequate to receive such a gesture of forgiveness and unconditional love. it is hard to fathom the true reality of the resurrection sometimes. it is such a familiar story, but when you stop and really consider the magnificence of the miracle performed, it is amazing and overwhelming.

what a very special season this is.

happy easter to all of you!


Davis Family said...

Very cute! I hope your family had a wonderful easter!

Anonymous said...
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