Monday, March 15, 2010

my little sillies

these are my two boys.

i have found them to be especially entertaining these past weeks. they are my little sidekicks while the hubby is gone so frequent. they keep me busy and give me plenty of love. they help keep my bed warm too.

gage even makes sure to okay my wardrobe each day. one particular incident involving a pink blouse comes to mind. he loves pink, but apparently not on his mother. after a good reprimand, i found myself in a long sleeved black number. he was right, much more flattering.

garrett makes sure to come and shower me with sugar {as we call it} in random intervals throughout his day. he is the lovin'est kid you ever met. and that boy can plant the juiciest of kisses on you.

thanks for keeping me on my toes sweet boys!

and thank you husband for all you do for us three little monkeys.

we love you!!