Friday, March 12, 2010

a few things

+ my hair is getting so long and almost all natur-al! sooo happy!

+ all conversations with the hubby this weekend will have to be held via telephono. he is out of town, yet again.

+ the boys have a date in show low tomorrow with the butler clan and gage can't stop telling me about it. he is so sweet. i love how he loves to talk to me.

+ i on the other hand, have a date with a can of paint. followed by a girls day with a very old friend and her movie that i am dying to watch. i feel giddy just thinking about it!

+ garrett is laying on my bed buck naked as we speak. flat on his belly, eyes glued to the tv, chin in hands and legs kicking back and forth. he is so cute! i honestly don't know how he gets undressed so fast.

+ off i go to find the boy some clothes.


Fullerton Family said...

And- your eyelashes are looking awesome!

Mandi said...

I am so sorry that your hubby is gone...again. What is he up to nowadays? It's no fun to have the hubby gone. There are fun things girls can accomplish at night when all alone, but it's nice to not be all alone alot. I hope you have a nice weekend. If your hubby ever comes this way again tell him that he is welcome to stay at our house if he ever needs a place to stay. We would love to have a friendly face! Love ya!

Anonymous said...