Saturday, March 6, 2010

thirty-four hours and then some

we are home! here i give you a terribly, terribly inaccurate map of our travels. but you can get the main idea. we spent a good thirty-four hours and then some driving there and from. with four drivers it wasn't all that bad. and even the boys surprised us. for the most part our drive was completely uneventful. and with driving, one can never really complain of such circumstances.
i didn't take many pictures, but i will share a little nibble with you.

we spent a day plus maybe a half in longview, texas. the hubby and brother have been traveling a lot lately so we the wives decided we would like to go along for once.

the weather was not particularly warm, but definitely had more traces of spring in it than we have seen in some time. we spent most of our day with the boys at the parks. i kind of fell in love with the huge gnarly trees that they seemed to have in large supply. it was nice to have a change of scenery if only for a day.

the trip was no big deal, and mostly last minute but i'm glad we went. and now i can say i am extra glad to be home and slightly disappointed that my laundry hasn't figured out how to wash, dry and fold itself.

how was your week?


Mary said...

Wow, that brought back memories of last summer's road trip to Missouri! We had a great time, but I was sure ready to get out of that car when we got back home! This summer it's a road trip to northern Colorado. Can't wait!

Mandi said...

Wowza! You guys are seriously troopers! It pains me that you went through Dallas and didn't have time to stop! So close, yet so far! We are about to make the trek to Show Low and then on to Mesa this Saturday. It was starting out with me going by myself, but then we finagled it so that Steve could come. Hurray for that! I am glad you guys had fun. I am lonely for family in TX, but I do enjoy it here and it is beautiful. Love ya!

Anonymous said...