Friday, April 9, 2010

home for sale

our house is officially on the market. (can you tell it's still not quite spring around here?) i have a feeling that keeping it show-worthy is going to be quite the task with my two, i mean three, boys to clean up after.

i however have a plan for distraction from our finicky messes. for me, flowers make everything so fresh and bright so i plan to have fresh flowers on my table each day. i just love what they can do to a place.

i've been trying to think of what i could tell people to make them really want to buy our house. i am still thinking on that one. but i feel safe in saying that one major selling point for my two shortest men is the fact that this morning (like most friday mornings) they multi tasked their toaster strudel consumption with some toy story 2 watching. oh what a life!