Thursday, June 17, 2010

home from the lake

we are home from a week at lake powell!

we're all a little less white and dragging. trying to pull ourselves back into the swing of things. last night as i washed my face at the sink, the floor started rocking back and forth. still holding onto those sea legs i guess.

gage who left as a three-year-old is now four. and garrett who left as a dirty blonde is now a blonde blonde.

my camera is still MIA.

my laundry is still sitting in piles on my living room floor.

but we're home and i'm happy for that!

we had a good time but home is home. thanks for the fun trip grandma and grandpa broomall!


Aunt Tiff said...

i love lake powell!!

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Talk to me about laundry! I don't think I am ever going to catch up again after Yellowstone! I'm glad you guys had fun in Lake Powell! What a fun tradition! Love ya!

beatriz dias* said...

I liked your blog. I love to learn about another culture, learn a little about how people live outside my country (Brasil).
Your babies are beautiful. So cute!
PS: Sorry for my bad english.

Anonymous said...