Monday, June 21, 2010

my four-year-old

gage had a special birthday while we were on the houseboat at lake powell. he got to open a few presents and blow out some candles. FOUR to be exact.

where has the time gone? i can't believe my gager boy is four-years-old! we've both done a lot of growing up since he got here. my little butterball is now lean and long, but his hair is still as soft as a downy chick and his big round eyes are still big and round.

here is a boy who loves life! he goes and goes. he has adventures no matter where he is. every new thing is a miracle to him. he loves ham and cheese sandwiches, corn dogs, beans and cheese, apple juice and popsicles. one minute he's taunting and teasing his little brother, the next he is comforting and encouraging him.

he is the best four-year-old boy i ever knew!

lake powell::blowing out candles on his thomas cake.

this boy loves toy story so we went to the theatre and watched Toy Story 3 then met up at the park with family for a little hoo-rah. he wanted a buzz on his "cup-cake" but well, as you can see i kind of struggled with this one.

he got this car from gramma and grandpa broomall and immediately proceeded to do laps throughout the park. this picture had me rolling with laughter!

garrett hand a grand time playing with the balloons! he accidentally sent buzz lightyear to infinity and beyond. he thought that was pretty cool.

callie would grab a cupcake, lick at the frosting and then hand it off saying "i don't like this one". finally i think she decided the best one must be in the middle!


i love you more and more everyday. a bushel and a basket and to the moon and back again. you are my favorite little brown haired boy in the whole wide world!

hugs and kisses, mom