Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a long story about a long day

believe me when i say, our week started out with a boom.

it seems like since we got home from the lake the boys have been absolutely stir crazy! but it hit an all-time high on monday i would say. i moved about the house doing things that hadn't been accomplished over our busy weekend. dusting, laundry, you get the idea. for every step of progress made, it seems three steps were taken right back in another area.

i decided to stick to things that couldn't be bothered. rather than dust my apothecary jars for the billionth time, they were due for a washing. i emptied them out, washed them up in warm soapy water and proceeded to dry them. i had just finished admiring the clean sparkle of my largest, most favorite one when snap! the base broke in two and all of it's shiny, glassy grandeur came crashing to my counter top. glass went everywhere! i herded the boys into their bedroom and demanded they stay there until i said.

as i finished sweeping up the last tiny shards of glass i heard a crashing sound, followed by sobbing. it was coming from the boys cage, i mean room. i ran in to find them heaped underneath the largest of the dresser drawers. once they were calmed down, gage recounted the event:

"umm umm me and garrett were sitting in it for a boat and it (hands flying wildly) brokeded."

drawer, broke. handles on lower drawers, broke. but how in the world the huge chest of drawers managed to not topple on top of them, beyond me.

kisses were dispersed generously and we moved on with our day.

it was a few hours later that gage performed a complex acrobatic act in order to procure a wandering balloon. said act resulted in his landing smack dab on top of his two foot something brother and injuring his right eye.

after hours of crying alternated with sleep, we found ourselves at the ER where the physician's assistant proclaimed him the victim of a corneal abrasion. {which is a fancy term for a scratched eye.}

we arrived back in town around eleven o'clock in the pm. we picked up gage and made our way home. garrett was sound asleep and stayed that way as i tucked his worn out little self into bed. not long after the four-year-old was coerced to sleep and i carried him to bed as well. i stood there looking from one bed to the other, noting how peaceful it all was in the moment. a therapeutic few minutes after a very long day.

i said a silent prayer in gratitude for their safety and also for the night, when they could sleep away those roudy bugs. as i kissed them one last time and whispered goodnight, i thought to myself that i would do a thousand days like this one if each night i could tuck them into bed and watch them sleep and know that they were okay.