Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a place we love

the nelson's are one of the most beautiful and kind families i have ever met. we love them! they have a beautiful home, complete with gorgeous landscaping, animals and a great big swing set. needless to say, the boys just love it there!
we got to pay a visit on monday and gage keeps telling me that he's ready to go back. he especially likes the egg gathering bit.
{garrett too it seems...}
who could blame them though really?
{sorry hannah and macie for the cracked ones...}
thank you nelson family for the fun day! xoxo


Carmen said...

Nice pictures :D

Jessica said...

addie loves gathering eggs. it is pretty much her job. she checks the roosting boxes 1298 times a day! :)

Hybrid said...

Those are some really great pictures. What a beautiful spot that must be to live :)

Surf on over to and click on some information links.

Liren said...

great photos
i'd like yuor writting :)

Anonymous said...