Sunday, July 11, 2010


the boys and i are home from vegas! we had such a fun time and already miss everyone there!
one big event that happened while we were away, was garrett's SECOND birthday! this boy has grown up so quickly, i hardly know what to make of it!
he is one of the liveliest, most animated little people i have ever seen! he goes, goes, goes and does his darndest to keep up with that wild brother of his. his facial expressions are hilarious! you can see almost exactly what he's thinking by the way he shapes those little lips and crinkles up his nose. when he has a brilliant plan, his eyes get a little twinkle and you know he's about to take action.

my favorite thing to hear him say these days is what's dat noinie mom? which means, what's that noise mom. he asks it anytime he hears anything just about. i love it so much that i almost want him to say noinie for the rest of his life! it's so completely adorable!

this is how he felt about sharing his new toys

you have been such a perfect little boy garrett and i can't believe you are two! you make every day comical in one way or another and i love it! i miss your little baby self, but i love seeing you become a boy who is so distinctly his very own person! you bring so much happiness to my life little blondie boy!

hugs and kisses, momma

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BeFashion said...

I love the first photo with the child and the cakes ♥