Monday, August 2, 2010

august the second

august is the best month.

i may be the slightest bit partial, as it's the month that i celebrate my life, but i think it's fair enough.

this is how the second day of my favorite month has gone.

i woke up surrounded by two toasty warm little bodies. they must have snuck in my covers while it was still dark. i watched them as they kicked and tossed a bit and then the taller one with brown hair sat up and proclaimed that he had a head hurt that only the likes of a glass of cold apple juice would remedy.

on our way back from the refrigerator we were met by the short little one with crazy blonde hair and puffy morning eyes. he was dragging along his ducky blanket. the one that he cries for in the middle of the night.

i corralled them back to the bed, mostly because i was determined that i still had another thirty minutes before my day had to begin. i popped in some bob the builder action and nestled down into my pillow. approximately four seconds later, the head hurt was back and this time it was teddy grahams that were needed. up we all went to the kitchen. i pulled the box from its shelf and short little blondie immediately snatched it up.

his nimble little fingers pulled the first tiny bear from the box and he held it out to his brother. the brown haired boy with the head hurt went to take it when blondie's arm lurched back preventing him. in a very comical way he gestured that he open his mouth. the brown haired boy, feeling compliant, did just as he was shown and in went the tiny bear. this process was carried out several more times until all parties were looking very pleased.

next thing i know they are at the family room rug and there is an awful, hideous noise coming from somewhere very close by. trail begins howling and it's possible that a few birds fell straight from the sky. and then i see it, the coyote call that my tall brown haired boy had procured from grandma and grandpa's house yesterday. i'm about ninety-nine percent sure that this is the culprit of the early morning head hurt and probably many more head hurts to come.

"mom! that was a coyote noise!" the brown haired boy beamed. it was as if he had just mastered one of beethoven's sonatas on a baby grande. now how could i not applaud him for that?

bless his heart.

that noise was repeated at least five more times. the blonde boy even had his turn at it. and then this miraculous, heaven sent, shiny green beetle buzzed it's way into the kitchen. we chased him down and caught him.

he's been inspected several times over. most beetles are icky, but this one seems delightful and has the most impeccable timing.

as for the coyote call. what coyote call? it's certainly not hiding in my closet.


{nicole coombs} said...

Your boys are adorable and i LOVE your rug were did you get it?

Johanna Jane said...

I love your stories!