Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a day late and a dollar short

i shared the first bits of august second with you.

here's the rest.

the head hurt didn't go away and a stomach ache did evolve from it all.

garrett did throw a great big wad of toilet paper in the toilet just before i had to be to work.

he did also flush it right on down. it also ran over until only a few feet of the floor were dry. i did only have time to throw some towels on it and i did cringe the entire time i was gone because of it.

i did get off work early.

i did clean up the mess.

i did bring home some cookies for the boys to which gage replied that i should have brought him a toy instead. well, duh.

i did get to hear for the millionth time that gage is in the market for a pillow pet. flavor of the week? a tiger.

i did get some fresh flowers for my kitchen.

i didn't think out of the box. white daisies, as usual. gage did request that we throw in a few bells of scotland while we were at it. he fancied their green coloring.

gage did release the pretty green beetle back into the wild.

he did wish him well in finding his family.

i didn't get a nap.

i did watch The Young Victoria for what i am fairly certain was also the millionth time. love it!

garrett did take a nap. so did gage.

it did rain. you just have to love monsoon season in arizona.

i did sit on my porch and breathe in the fresh air.

i didn't make tortillas like i told myself i would.

i also didn't read any of my book, charlie st. cloud.

i did realize what a perfectly spoiled brat i can be sometimes.

i did promise myself to do better.

i did smile from ear to ear when i thought of my boys.

i did decide i have a lot to be thankful for.


Annetta-B Photography said...

did you rent the young victoria? wasn't that the newest movie about her?

JDButler Family said...