Tuesday, September 28, 2010

three states and twenty-nine hours later

i'm sitting here at a laptop that is not mine, in a home that is not mine, wishing that i could share some photos of our adventures with you. silly little me, i packed my memory card up with my computer. lovely.

we got here early yesterday evening. yesterday was monday, not sunday, i keep having to remind myself. not only am i still running on arizona time, but i seem to have completely lost a day. which i suppose is excusable when you take a twenty-nine hour road trip. you see, at about 11:00 pm on sunday we made a stop in tucumcari, new mexico. at about 11:15 pm we realized that our moving truck, you know that great big yellow truck carrying all our possessions, was not going to start. thank heavens for 24-hour big rig specialists! it was about four hours and a nice chunk of change later that we got ourselves back on the road. the rest my friends is history. rather uneventful i'd say.

we are staying in the hubby's parent's house for the time being. it's beautiful and on top of that, the yard is amazing. i feel like calling it a yard really does not do it justice. there are towering trees everywhere, a creek that runs all the way around the house, green green grass, and a long sloped driveway which makes for a perfect place to ride bikes. garrett speeds down on his little trike and then summons me to carry it back to the top for him. cute boy.

the boys and i ventured out for lunch and hobby lobby today. it was initially meant to be a lunch and target trip, but (and this should come to no shock to those who know me well) i got a little turned around. story of my life. but who can complain when that means a visit to hobby lobby?? certainly not i.

truth be told i haven't really accepted that i actually moved from my beloved arizona. mentally i'm in vacation mode. who knows how long it will take to sink in. i miss A TON of people. i miss A TON of little things. like today when i headed out, rather than knowing i would see at least twenty people i know, i realized i wouldn't see a single person i know. not a one.

gage and garrett are thrilled to be in "TETSAS". just ask them. although gage still believes that in a few days i will take him to school at mountain meadows primary and we will pick up his little friend on our way there. in fact he "got a call" from that friend today. as i'm unloading bathroom items and finding a home for them, he walks in with his little plastic cell phone and exclaims....

"kardon and kenton are on the phone! they're playing on the swing set. i told them to ask their mom if they can come to tetsas!"

he is in fact still waiting for a call back. sweet little man of mine!

the hubby will be back from work soon and then we will do a little more scouting. he's been here a full month longer than us so he's volunteered to take us to all the best places! i can hardly wait!

hopefully there will be pictures to share with everyone very very soon!

so long from texas!
xoxo. ash


{nicole coombs} said...

I bet it is beautiful!!! You better let me know when you come to visit your family so I can plan a drive through showlow!!
Cant wait to read about your adventures in Texas!!!
Love ya girl-

Mandi said...

OH my sweet friend. I am so happy to hear that you are here in Texas and that you made it fairly uneventfully. Welcome my dear! That is one thing that can be said for Texas is that it's beautiful. Different from AZ, but beautiful. You sound like you feel the same way I felt when moving here. It would not sink into my brain that this is where I live now. I kept wanting to go home. I can now happily say after 10 months that I am happy here and that I don't feel like I need to "go home". I will always miss AZ and there is a piece of me that crosses my fingers that we will move back someday, but for now I am happy and content. I hope that you can get that way. I want to come and visit you one of these times. Maybe when you get settled in some more we can hook up. I am happy to have you here. I love you lots! Call me if you need ANYTHING! I am just 2 short hours away. Saying that when you live in Texas you might as well live next door since this is the state that won't quite! Love you!

Blain&Deedra said...

It's gorgeous there. Congrats on making the drive, long drives are always hard. By the way I went private email me for an invite: cheeka_1885@yahoo.com